Sean Malone
Style: Alternative/Fusion Jazz/rock
Release date: November 6th 2007

Sean Malone is probably best known for being the bass player of long gone Death-progsters Cynic, and maybe to some for his involvement with the Fusion-band Gordian Knot. This instrumental solo album was made in between his period with these two very different groups.


This is a re-issue of an album from 1996, then released on a very small company, that made the album a public secret with a very small sale, except to hardcore bass-fans and –players. Supposedly it has been much requested, and is therefore re-issued with new mastering, package and an extra track from the Japanese version of the first Gordian Knot album.


So far, so good – is this then a lost gem (re)revealed, or…?


On the album is a mix of several styles, mostly being jazzy jazz/rock-fusion tracks though. Sure Malone (and his friends on this album) knows their way around his/their instrument, but in my opinion a lot of the tunes gets too predictable, too cheesy (f.ex. the “na-na-oh-oh” choir in "The Big Idea", or some of the keyboards on different tracks), or downright too boring, not really going anywhere nor offering anything not heard before.


I got this CD at the same time as Mörglbl (see review elsewhere on the page – it was album of the month February this year), and too bad for this, ‘cause against the fresh, powerful and slightly crazy Frenchmen in Mörglbl, this one doesn’t really stand a chance. In spite of very good musicians appearing, and therefore with some potential, it doesn’t really rock my world, although it has its moments. This one goes to the archives.

01. Controversy
02. Splinter
03. Fischer's Gambit
04. Hand Full of Earth
05. Sinfonia
06. Giant Steps
07. At Taliesin
08. Big Sky Wanting
09. The Big Idea
10. Unquity Road (bonus track)
Label: The Laser’s Edge
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Provided by: Intromental Management
Artwork rating: 32/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: March 18th 2008