The RPWL Experience
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: February 29th 2008

The sound coloration stays the same; somewhere in the middle of the road with softer Porcupine Tree on one side and Pink Floyd on the other. RPWL creates big soundscapes and atmospheres that makes one drift into your own little cocoon and relax.

The sound is mostly created around big homogenous keyboard soundscapes with trips into new and untested territories for the band. Vocalist and keyboard player Yogi Lang & co. has created a very colourful experience that should appeal to fans of atmospheric progressive rock.

Sadly enough I never got caught up in the universe, and even though I enjoy listening to the album it never really managed to catch my full attention. The excitement simply isn't there...

But take a listen; they might be able to catch your attention, especially if you are a huge fan of the above mentioned bands.

01. Silenced
02. Breath In, Breath Out
03. Where Can I Go
04. Masters of War
05. This is Not a Prog Song
06. Watch Myself
07. Stranger
08. River
09. Choose What You Want to Look At
10. Turn Back the Clock
Label: Tempus Fugit / InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 26th 2008
Website: www.rpwl.de