Rictus Grin
Style: Speedy-Thrash/Death
Release date: October 18th 2007

The grotesque askew smile on the face of a corpse: Rictus Grin. Surfing through the internet I crushed on this one. Hearing a few parts of some songs, I decided to order. With the Euro/Dollar exchange rate at the moment, I could take the risk.

The music of these American is a speedy groovy thrash with clear growling vocals. Sometimes the singer does remind me a little bit of Andy Kaina (Messiah). Not that extreme, but there is some similarity. The bass is a little in front of the music just as Sadus is doing. Therefore their style can also be compared with them. The bass-drums are rolling constantly throughout most of the numbers. That keeps the speed in it, but makes it also a little boring. The songs are not strong enough to keep me excited all the album. After 5 songs I know enough.

According to their site this is the sixth album. Before this one I never heard of them. I don't think the sixth is going to be their breakthrough, therefore it is still to average and not special enough. Good listenable music, not bad, but it doesn't make my water boil either. That the band has also a sense of humour can be found in the song "Beer and Waffles".

01. Resurrection
02. Forgotten
03. Vengeance
04. Wall Away
05. Beer and Waffles
06. Carpetbagger
07. IThe Lady of Shallot
08. Lament of Flesh
09. Thunderbucket
10. Despair
Label: Metal Orb Records 
Distribution: Cd-Baby
Artwork rating: 22/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 10th 2008
Website: www.rictusgrin.com