Style: Heavy (southern) garage Rock’n’roll
Release date: May 29th 2007

Danish southern/garage Rock – hmmm – is that possible? Hell yeah!


I stumbled on to this band by coincidence on MySpace, and judging from the six (!) numbers they have here from their (first) album, I just had to review this – it’s just up my alley, so to speak: solid kickass’ dirty southern rock’n’roll with a slight metal attitude – and it grooves!


This album was/is apparently generally a well kept secret, but their record company is also just a small relatively newly started Danish label called Trechoma Records with just a few bands yet, but they have distribution worldwide, so your local record dealer should be able to get it. If not, you can order the album via the bands MySpace page (CDON, Itunes and others), or directly from the record company.


The vocals of Johnny Houmark is deep, raw and yet with melody. And the guitars are dirty with an occasional solo, and they also add some organ inputs from time to time. Besides that it’s very straight forward  - they don’t try to reinvent the rock’n’roll receipt, but shift the tempo sometimes, so the interest is kept up through the whole album. They play more inspired, powerful and with feeling than quite a few other bands of this genre.


The recording is done by Jacob Hansen, and the sound is (as always) clear, present and well defined, and yet raw enough to be appropriate for a band like Powderhog.


If you’re into raw rock’n’roll with a melodic touch, you really ought to check this out. Almost 50000 plays on MySpace tells its own story too.


No special recommended tracks – just play the whole damn lot, and you’ll understand what I mean, there are no really weak points here.

Hail rock’n’roll – Powderhog helps keepin’ it alive and kickin’!

01. Sweet Bullet
02. A Thousand Ways Out Here?
03. Losing Your Head
04. For the Guilty
05. Coming Home Again
06. Opium
07. Girl (You've got to Let Me Go)
08. Another Trip
09. Fuel to Burn
10. Fool's Gold (Keep Diggin')
11. She Sells Misery
Label: Trechoma Records
Provided by: Trechoma Records
Artwork rating: 83/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: April 7th 2008
Website: www.myspace.com/powderhog