Stream of Misery
Style: Doom
Release date: October 2007

For those with gloom in their hearts this is a dark titbit. The mood is set for total doom in the kingdom of German Ophis. Most of the CD goes with around 30 bpm except for a few tracks where things are fired up a bit. You have the feeling that this is only to make completely sure that no one is bored along the way. This is, by no means, a boring album – not at all.


On the contrary, on the right day, this is a very, very good album. When you’re down there and ready to kill all your neighbours because they’re just too sodding happy-go-lucky, this is really it, my friends.


‘Stream of Misery’ is definitely worth a try for those who dig My Dying Bride – it’s a grim world, and you better believe it.


‘nuff said.

01.  Godforsaken
02. Beneath Sardonic Skies
03. Dead Inside
04. Pazuzu
05. Dolor Nil Finis
06. Black Wish
07. Thy Flesh Consumed
Label: Imperium Productions
Provided by: SureShot Worx
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 12th 2008
Website: www.ophis.net