Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: February 25th 2008

PFFfff, what to say about the fifth Norther. The band with Petri Lindroos, who has been growling in Ensiferum since 2004 as well and is very well known in their own country. After they left their label Spinefarm they played Wacken 2007 and did a European headliner club tour during October. Now they joined Century Media to conquer all Europe. Will they succeed?

What has improved in relation to "Till Death Unites Us" is the production. But this is obvious with a producer like Anssi Kippo (COB) and Frederik Nordström to mix it. The vocals are aggressive, the drums and bass as we expect them to be, the guitars fit perfectly in the mix and the keyboards fill in the rest. Everything is there to make this a super album, even the clean vocals in a song like "Frozen Angel". But...

Just as on the previous album they don't have a face of their own. The songs on this album are too much a copy of Children of Bodom, In Flames and sometimes Soilwork. And I know, there is nothing wrong with such high-standard music, but I expect just something more. Not every song is that good, but biggest shortage is lack of originality. Fans of the band will get a good album, and they won't agree with me and why should they, but I had hoped for more.

For Norther fans: a good album; for people who like COB and In Flames:  worth listening; for people who want to hear something new: leave it where it is.  

01. My Antichrist
02. Frozen Angel
03. Down
04. To Hell
05. Savior
06. Black Gold
07. We Rock
08. Always & Never
09. Tell me Why
10. If You Go
11. Self-Righteous Fuck
12. Forever And Ever
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 5th 2008