Fresh Kill Daily
Style: Hardcore/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Release date: January 28th 2008

Another excellent Danish release is just about to hit the stores next week. The city of Aarhus in Denmark has in many ways been a melting pot of great metal over the past few years, and Mevadio also stem from this region. This is Mevadioís second release, and there is progress in the air.


The quintet set themselves a bit apart from the rest of the Danish metal scene by playing a brand of metal that in my ears lead back to a source of inspiration such as Biohazard. A bit of Pantera and a touch of nu-metal could be added.


The overall style has not changed with this release - the weight is still on the heavy groove, but this time, the soundscape is more nuanced and well-structured. The addition of a second guitarist has probably done wonders and added layers to the sound.

Krugerís vocal is an acquired taste, and I have to admit that it took me a couple of spins to get used to it, but from then on, itís a-okay.


The album is produced by the band and Tue Madsen, so a massive sound is secured. The rhythm really comes forward.


There are virtually no fillers on the album, but the tracks Abusers Manual, Operation Sabatical and Ultimate Human Virtues stand out among the rest.

Good one!

01. Abusers Manual
02. Ultimate Human Virtues
03. Norma Jean
04. The Propaganda
05. 5 necessary Kills
06. Directors Cut
07. Seven Deadly Songs
08. Operation Sabbatical
09. My Sweet Cage
10. Project new Start
Label: Drugs/Target
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: January 25th 2008