Meliah Rage
Death Valley Dream
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: November 2nd 2007

Well... maybe my expectations to “Death Valley Dream” (original released in 1996 but now re-released on Locomotive Records) were too high?


Even though that some of the 11 songs have riffs that will stick in your head long after the CD is done “Death Valley Dream” pales when you compare it to their first two releases; “Kill to Survive” (1988), “Solitary Solitude” (1990) and their latest album “The Deep and Dreamless Sleep” (2006).


Even after numerous spins in my hard-tried CD-player I still feel I miss something. I don’t feel like playing this CD over and over again. Not that I totally dislike it but I do miss something. Meliah Rage can do so much better than this, that’s for sure. Most of the 11 songs are easily forgotten even after numerous spins as mentioned above. Maybe it’s just me? But except for one single song and a few riffs this album doesn’t cut it for me.


The production is okay. But we’re not living in 1930 right? I wish I could say that this is a good album but really, it's just listenable so hunt down their first 2 albums or their latest instead.


Recommended track: “Prideland”.

01. Death Valley Dream
02. Stranger
03. Media
04. Blacksmith
05. Wear + Tear
06. Madness and Poetry
07. Crow
08. Posessing Judgement
09. War Journal
10. Prideland
11. The Last Detail
Label: Locomotive Records
Provided by: Intromental Management
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 35/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 3rd 2008