1900: Hard Times
Style: Prog Fusion
Release date: November 16th 2007

Behind MCM is a trio consisting of three of the most talented and respected musicians around: Alex Masi, Randy Coven and John Macaluso. Recorded live, at different shows, on the bands tour of the US, creating an intense and very immediate experience of great musicianship and improvisation.

The music is challenging, and even though for most parts improvised it never becomes untight, which is a big compliment to the three musicians at play. But mixing so many styles and improvising so much makes this album a rather strange experience, because I do loose track of the song structures, melody lines and even songs every now and then...

Three great musicians at play, showing their skills and having fun on stage - but this kind of music is solely for the stage. Presented on a disc I do find this an uneven ride where the musicianship is first class, but the music itself ends up being just adequate...

01. (1900) Hard Times
02. Raw Extremities
03. River Offering
04. Emergency Poncho
05. Mutual Assured Distraction
06. The Ground Above
07. Them Ain't Us
08. 30 Seconds Over Your Land
09. Esse'n'Emme
10. Unmatched Fragment
11. House of Deviants
12. For Every Color You Know
Label: Lion Music
Provided By: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier / Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 18th 2008
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