Andre Matos
Time to be Free
Style: Power Metal
Release date: February 22nd 2008

We all know Andre Matos from his work with his previous band, Brazilian power metallers Angra & later Shaman.

Well the title say’s it all really 'Time to be Free' certainly sees Andre branching out a bit from the normal style we are familiar with. On his debut solo album, Andre has recruited his former Angra/Shaman buddies Luis Mariutti (Bass), Hugo Mariutti (Guitar) and Fabio Ribeiro (Keyboards) as well as former Angra axeman Andre Hernandez & the album was produced by Roy Z. and Sascha Paeth. With all this said, you might think that this is another classic power metal album… Well no unfortunately. Sure there is moments of power metal on 'Time to be Free', which sounds very much like Angra/Shaman so don’t be worried. The first four tracks a scorching (The best thing Angra as done in years ha-ha). “Letting Go” “Rio” “Remember Why” & “How Long”. After these tracks though the album slips away a bit and gets a tad boring slipping into slow ballads, progressive metal territory. The only shining light is the title track “Time to be Free”. Not what I was hoping for from such a world class line up.

Track 10 “A New Moonlight” is very slow and unmoving, veering away from metal completely in parts, it echoes Pink Floyd in places, could have left this track off completely. By all means though this is not a bad album, in fact it is very good. If you liked Andre Matos in Angra/Shaman then you wont go wrong with 'Time to be Free', but the reason for the low score is “A New Moonlight” shocking song and the fact that most songs are too long and don’t need to be. Hopefully album number two will focus more on the power metal style.

01. Menuett
02. Letting Go
03. Rio
04. Remember Why
05. How Long (Unleashed Away)
06. Looking Back
07. Face the End
08. Time to be Free
09. Reason
10. A New Moonlight
11. Endeavour
Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: March 3rd 2008