Wings of Heaven Live
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: February 22nd 2008

Another milestone album in the long career of Magnum can celebrate its 20th anniversary: 'Wing of Heaven', and what better way to celebrate this occasion than playing the entire album live?

It's actually pretty simple; this is essential for Magnum fans, and it should be essential for hard rock fans in general. Magnum has for a long, long time been one of the premier British Hard Rock bands and this double live album is just another awesome release from them.

There are a few albums I consider as essential British Hard Rock; 'Wings of Heaven' is certainly one of them, and to hear the entire album live along with a great selection of classic songs make a life long fan very, very happy.

  Disc 1
01. When We Were Younger
02. Back Street Kid
03. Out of the Shadows
04. Like Brothers We Stand
05. How Far Jerusalem
06. Dragons are Real
07. All Englands Eyes
08. Vigilante
09. Kingdom of Madness
  Disc 2
01. Intro
02. Days of No Trust
03. Wild Swan
04. Start Talking Love
05. One Step Away
06. Must Have Been Love
07. Different Worlds
08. Pray for the Day
09. Don't Wake the Lion
10. Sacred Hour
Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 27th 2008