Lich King
Necromantic Maelstrom
Style: Bay-Area Thrash
Release date: August 2007

Since all the bands have their own MySpace site, I can hear a lot more new interesting ones. I guess I would never have heard anything from this band without the w.w.w. Lich King is a band with a lot of potential. Original? No, not for a moment. They play true Bay-Area Thrash; Vio-Lence, Exodus, Forbidden and Slayer are big influences.

The music is outrageous, I find it even better then Dekapitator, Fueled by Fire or Municipal Waste, just to name a few. Why I don't give a higher mark then? I try to explain why:

Imagine a very important soccer game. Denmark has to play Sweden, Denmark has to win to be going to the World Championships. 1-1 is on the scoreboard and there is still 1 minute left to play. Captain Thomas Helveg has been tackled just outside the penalty area. Free kick in the last minute. The audience holds it's breath. You can hear the silence. The Captain himself behind the ball, it is going to be his last game for Denmark. He can write history. The referee blows his whistle, Thomas kicks the ball....bang, ... on the post. It scrambles back onto the field. Forward Dennis Rommedahl standing 1,5 metres from the goal sees the ball coming. He kicks it .......and........the ball disappears into the audience. What a disappointment!

I felt a similar disappointment with this album. Everything seemed to be perfect, until... A fucking Tyrannosaur (that's what they call their singer themselves) opens his mouth. Not that the singer is bad, but the vocals are mixed too much in the front. You can hardly hear the guitars anymore when he is barking over it. That is the problem with this record, the rest is perfect. 

The new song on Myspace is a big improvement. With a better production, we are going to hear a lot from them in the future.

01. Lich King
02. Caveman Aggression
03. Mascot War
04. Reavers
05. Bleeding and Screaming
06. The Werewolf
07. Thrashssacre
08. Kill Your Guts Out
09. Bodies on Bodies (Vio-lence)
10. A Lesson In Violence (Exodus)
Label: Stormspell Records
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 7th 2008