Lap of Time
Style: Prog Metal
Release date: October 20th 2007

On the day their debut came out, they were chosen as winners of the Dutch Battle of the Bands. Besides a lot of publicity, they became a check of 1000,-. Enough to throw a big party, but I think they will invest it in the band. The musicians are very serious about what they are doing. The title of their debut is called 'Dualism', a well considered choice. Talking about choices, that's what 'Dualism' is about: making choices. For example, with the CD there is an inlay with two fronts, you can choose the one you like most.

Original is what I would call the band, because of the music and because they have two lead-singers. Both singers are adequate, in the softer parts sounding a bit like David Bowie, in other parts more theatrical. According to the 6-piece formation themselves, they are influenced by : Dream Theater, Faith no More, Tool and The Mars Volta. In my opinion, there are also influenced by Saviour Machine, Life of Agony and TSO. And maybe I'm wrong, but I think some of the guys also listen to Pain of Salvation sometimes.

The first song is a well written, modest and rather theatrical song, starting a bit like a Faith no More song. The next songs: "The Mines" and "Lap of Time" are heavier with more guitar riffs. In "Listen Child" you hear both vocalists singing part after part. "Hurt" is a song where singing is combined with piano, it could be on an album of TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra). The last two songs are two instrumentals. With 7 songs and a total playing time less than half an hour, the CD is a little short, but I prefer quality to quantity. 

Lap of Time is a very talented, confident, progressive and theatrical heavy rock band. With the right support and making the right choices, the band is a new Dutch promise. Again I'm surprised and a little proud that this music is made in Holland. There is more than tulips, soft-drugs and wooden shoes in Holland...

01. In the Doorway
02. The Mines
03. Lap of Time
04. Listen Child
05. Hurt
06. Tale
07. Epilogue
Label: Self Released
Distribution: See Website
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: January 3rd 2008