King's Call
No Alibi
Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: February 29th 2008

I bet it's no coincidence that the band is called King's Call - because their sound is deeply rooted in the 70's and 80's classic hard rock sound, where Thin Lizzy was a mayor player. Magnum and old Gary Moore has also had a big influence on this band.

This is old school classic rock far away from modern day trends and sounds, we go back to the days when emotional vocal lines, smooth and straight rock beats and huge melodies were the name of the game. Sure you can find these items in some bands sound today, but not for an entire album and not done with such consequence as King's Call does it.

The first couple of times I listened to this album I just thought it sounded out-dated, but then I gave it a few spins more and things started to happen... it sort of clicked and opened up. So if you are into this particular segment of classic rock then I suggest you rush out and buy this album. It will transcend you back to the old days and provide you with 10 fine songs...

Nice one!

Recommended tracks; "Crying Shame", "Destiny" & "To the Limit".

01. Shaking
02. Caught in a Lie
03. Never be Alone
04. Crying Shame
05. All you can do
06. Crank me Up
07. Shining
08. Rock & Roll All Star
09. Destiny
10. To the Limit
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Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 8th 2008
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