Dead End
Style: Crunchy Melodic Metal
Release date: April 25th 2008

Incrave hails from Sweden and was formed in 2001 under the name Evergrace. In 2006 they released their self titled debut album, which was a pleasant surprise in my book. In February 2007 Evergrace decided to change their name to Incrave and they re-released their debut album. (The album title was change to ‘The Escape’).

In summer 2007Incrave entered Studio EVG in Edsbyn Sweden, to record the follow-up to ‘The Escape’. They decided to call their brand new album ‘Dead End’ and sound and style wise they have chosen to follow the same path as on their debut album. We are talking melodic metal here… crunchy melodic metal and bands like Tad Morose, Nocturnal Rites, and Morgana Lefay comes to mind when ‘Dead End’ rotates in my exhausted CD-player.

Just like their debut album ‘Dead End’ needs a few spins to grow, but after a couple of spins their songs comes alive. This album is packed with catchy yet crunchy guitar riffs and catchy choruses that show a band with the potential to make it out there. The more I listen to it the more I like it and it’s hard for me to get songs like “Shattered”, “The forgotten”, “An Empty Soul”, “Scream in Silence”, “Nevermore” and the title-track “Dead End” out of my head.

Well... I’m quite curious to hear what they can come up with on their next album. -Can they maintain their high standard? – Will they change their style? – Let’s see what the future brings.

Good buy :) 

01. Shattered
02. The Forgotten
03. A Shadow In The Dark
04. The Touch Of Death
05. Unveil The Truth
06. Shades Of Me
07. An Empty Soul
08. Scream In Silence
09. Nevermore
10. Dead End
Label: Ulterium Records
Provided by: Ulterium Records
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 26th 2008