In Aeternum
Curse of Devastation
Style: Swedish Death/Black
Release date: February 2008

In Aeternum's history dates back as early as 1992, when the band called itself Behemoth. Why release an EP when one has recorded 4 albums and gained a certain notoriety in the last decade?


Well, In Aeternum's history hasn't been a dance on roses with several recordings that didn't see the light of day, several line-up changes, and Mel Gibson getting in the picture to almost sue them for using a picture from "The Passion of the Christ" as an album cover, thus leading to the withdrawal of the "No Salvation" mini-CD (2005).


But the Swedish death/black ensemble is now back with an updated line-up and signed on a new label, Pulverised Records. Alive and kicking tough.

The music' s quality and the skills are irreproachable, in the vein of Dissection's Storm of the Light's Bain.
Though not revolutionary original, this is a good production (Tommy Tägtgren, Tägtgren ftw), with heavy, tough melodies, and a couple of very good riffs. Unfortunately, it takes more to impress me musically in 2008.


Nevertheless, if you're looking for a new fist in the face to add to your record collection, it might as well be Curse of Devastation.

01 - Curse of Devastation
02 - Consume
03 - New World Filth
04 - Reaper in Black 2006
Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Gordeon Music Promotion
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Laurence Mériaux
Date: March 11th 2008