The Prestige
Style: Death Metal
Release date: March 31st 2008

”Fernando Møhge er død.”

”Wie bitte?”



The inclusion of a sound bite from an old Danish TV series like this one is so typical for the Danish death metal mastodons Illdisposed. They are, as usual, not doing things the usual way…


That said, after two releases, the imminent ‘1-800 Vindication’ and ‘Burn Me Wicked’, where the level of experimentation was high and the playing around with samples and clean vocals was given unprecedented room, our local monsters have taken a couple of steps back in time.


Less experimenting, no clean vocals, few if any samples (apart from a couple of odd sound snippets, naturally). This is heads down, ultra-heavy death metal in mid to late nineties style, with more than a few nods to the Gothenburg sound.

And, not surprisingly, Denmark’s premier death metal outfit does this very, very well. With a raw production that suits their lazy-but-tight sound well, the quintet fronted by subwoofer Bo Summer groove their way through 12 tracks where no compromises are made.

This time, it is as if Illdisposed are out to prove that it doesn’t take that many gimmicks to create magic – on the contrary. Listen for example to the track The Key to My Salvation – it shows how simple, yet crushingly effective things can be done!

Run to the stores, boys and girls. Go get!

01 Let Go
02 The Tension
03 Weak Is Your God
04 Working Class Zero
05 A Song of Myself
06 Like Cancer
07 Love Is Tasted Bitter
08 She Knows
09 A Child Is Missing
10 The Key To My Salvation
11 ...Your Devoted Slave
12 Ich Bin Verloren In Berlin
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 15th 2008