House of Lords
Come to My Kingdom
Style: Melodic Hard Rock
Release date: March 14th 2008

You can be sure of one thing when you put on a new House of Lords album: you will be treated with first class melodic hard rock. And that trend continues with 'Come to My Kingdom'...

What started out as a melodic hard rock super group playing Arena Rock has today turned into a first class melodic rock outfit where James Christian is the only original member left. The songs are packed with incisive melodies, they are catchy and hook laden and are all expertly crafted. Jimi Bell is a very talented guitarist, and he continues to impress me with his precise playing, the rhythm section is rock solid and trying to put words on James Christianís vocal deliverance on this album is almost impossible, but the first word that comes to mind is brilliant. His voice fits the music perfectly, and I rate him among the elite in melodic rock.

This album picks up where House of Lords left us with their latest album 'World Upside Down' from 2006. Everything has just taken a small step forward and sounds more mature and complete, and the pieces seem in place for another classic House of Lords album, one which can be compared with their classic debut album... Big words, because we all know just how brilliant that album is.

But give this one a shot, it's worth it...

01. Purgatorio Overture No. 2
02. Come to My Kingdom
03. I Need to Fly
04. I Don't Wanna Wait All Night
05. Another Day From Heaven
06. In a Perfect World
07. The Dream
08. One Foot in the Dark
09. Your Every Move
10. I Believe
11. One Touch
12. Even Love Can't Save Us
13. In the Light
14. Another Day From Heaven
Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier / Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 16th 2008