Hellish Crossfire
Slaves of the Burning Pentagram
Style: Old-School Thrash
Release date: June 4th 2007

Those who walked the earth as metalheads back in 1985 may remember the record 'Hellish Crossfire' from the German band Iron Angel. This German band took it as their band name. Looking on the internet I could not find any homepage or Myspace from the band, so I have to do it with the info from I Hate Records and of course their music.

This CD (38:56) was already available on LP with a limited edition of 500 copies, which was sold out rapidly. Looking at the amateur art of the front, I did not have such high expectations. But.... do not always trust on your first impression. After the intro, the first song says it all, AAAARRGH  UAAAARGH OEEHH. The music and the vocals throw us far back into the 80's. With music as we knew it from bands like Kreator, (of course) Iron AngelLiving Death, Destruction and Possessed. In a lot of songs I hear influences of Possessed's "Seven Churches". Fortunate the production is better than in those days.

The record company wants us to believe in their info that this is the best German Thrash Metal-release in many years. I wouldn't go that far, but if you want to hear some real old thrash again, instead of what they call thrash nowadays (The Haunted) buy this one...  

01. Intro
02. Conquerors of Black Souls
03. EternalTyranny
04. Desecrate/Glorify the Sin
05. Demonic Sacrifice
06. Shadowcurse
07. Claw of the Reaper
08. Hallowed in Fire
Label: I Hate Records
Distribution: www.IHATE.SE
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 13th 2008
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