Heart of Sun
Heart of Sun
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: August 28th 2007

Heart of Sun is a small diamond in the rough, cut right and given the right amount of polish this could end up being a perfect gem.

Their style of progressive metal is not that far from Dream Theater, and in Pino Tozzi they have one of the best sounding Italian vocalists I have ever heard. His style is also very similar to James La Brie's and he elevates the music to the next level.

If you like your metal with a progressive twist, innovative and experimental then I suggest you give this one a few spins to really blossom and open up. It goes without saying that the technical level is very high, and that we are dealing with some skilful musicians capable of writing and performing great songs, and the whole thing is wrapped in a suitable sound.

Nice surprise!

01. Res Amissa
02. The Last Experiment
03. Not Through Her Eyes
04. Evil Tree
05. 2016AD.net
06. Into the Black Hole
07. Proxima Centauri
08. The Invention of God
09. Solar Wind
10. Sea of Tranquility
Label: Nightmare Records
Provided by: Nightmare Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 24th 2008
Website: www.heartofsun.it