Gun Barrel
Outlaw Invasion
Style: Dirty Heavy Metal Rock 'N' Roll
Release date: April 11th 2008

Are you ready to some ”Dirty Heavy Metal Rock ’n’ Roll” then check out Gun Barrel’s brand new release ‘Outlaw Invasion’.

Since Gun Barrel released the EP ‘Back to Suicide’ in 2000, they have provided us with great music on albums like: ‘Power Dive’ (2001), ‘Battle Tested’ (2003) and ‘Bombard Your Soul" from 2005. Well... Gun Barrel is a tad more melodic on ‘Outlaw Invasion’ but they have still released an album that will find its way into my CD-player from time to time.

There are still pure Gun Barrel to be find and tracks like, “Front Killers”, “Cheap, Wild & Nasty”,"Turn to Black", "Wanted Man" and the title-track “Outlaw Invasion” will still satisfy the hungry Gun Barrel fans, I’m sure.

I could have wished for a few more up-tempo rockers... but heck... you can’t release the same album over and over again right? Its still Gun Barrel... but with more melody and less “Dirty Heavy Metal Rock ’n’ Roll”. Most of the songs contain catchy and memorable choruses... so I won’t complain. But let’s see how the Gun Barrel fans will welcome this album.

‘Outlaw Invasion’ is produced in the Impuls Studios in Hamburg by Yens Leonhardt (Iron Savior, Kingdome Come, Savage Circus...), mastered in the Danish Jailhouse Studios by Tommy Hansen (TNT, Pagan’s Mind, Helloween, Manticora...) and they have done an excellent job. 

Rock on!

01. Invasion Warning
02. Front Killers
03. Turn To Black
04. Wanted Man
05. The Redeemer
06. Keep On Moving
07. Cheap, Wild & Nasty
08. Brother To Brother
09. Ghost Inside
10. M.I.L.F.
11. Tomorrow Never Comes
12. Outlaw Invasion
13. Parting Kiss
Label: LMP/SPV
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 11th 2008