The Premonition
Style: Melodic/Prog/Power Metal
Release date: March 24th 2008

Melodic power metal band from Greece; Firewind releases their fifth weapon to continue conquering the world. Firewind has a lot of disciples in Japan and their home country. In Europe they are gaining ground that started with their previous album "Allegiance", which was a big step forward for the band. I have their first record 'Between Heaven and Hell' and compared with that, Gus G. is the only member left. At the moment, the most prominent member next to Gus G is vocalist Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Majestic). With his clean and powerful voice he makes the difference.

The intro of "Into the Fire" did mislead me, did I have the right CD? Was it something in the beer? No, I was right, it just sounds like a new intro from Metallica. After checking the CD if it is really Firewind, I went on listening. The number explodes in a real power metal track, and the first thing that protrudes is the heavier sound of the band. "Head Up High" starts of as a Europe track from back in their old days, after which their first single "Mercenary Man" hits the road. Reminding me of Gary Moore (Over the Hills ....) Apollo starts singing in Phil Lynott (Mama take a look at your boy, he's a military man) style. Just before checking if this is a cover song, the song gets its own style. 

"Remembered" and "The Silent Code" are food for power metal fans, "My Loneliness" and "Circle of Life" are very melodic good written mid-tempo ones. The Flashdance cover "Maniac" is performed very successful, they made this a good metal song. The CD ends with "Life Foreclosed", a ballad kind of song. 

With good composed melodic songs, outstanding guitar work, a good singer and a fine production by Frederik Nordström I can recommend this one. It's a little heavier then their last, but still very melodic and varied. The battle goes on...

01. Into the Fire
02. Head Up High
03. Mercenary Man
04. Angels Forgive Me
05. Remembered
06. My Loneliness
07. Circle of Life
08. The Silent Code
09. Maniac
10. Life Foreclosed
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 1st 2008