Thrash, Speed, Burn
Style: Speed/Thrash metal
Release date: February 22nd 2008

In June 2004 Exciter came with a re-recording of some classics called 'New Testament'. Now they come with the first new regular studio album since 'Blood of Tyrants' (2000). The biggest difference is that Jacques Belanger has again left the band and has been replaced by new vocalist Kenny Winter. Also rather new is Rob "Clammy" Cohen on Bass, he joined the band in 2004. Rick Charron (drums) and of course John Ricci (guitar) completes the band.

The vocals of new singer Kenny are in the higher notes and screams not so very different from Jacques, but Kenny also often sings lower and more aggressive. His voice is clearer and therefore he is a better singer. His vocals fit perfectly to the music Exciter plays.

"Massacre Mountain" opens fast and furious and is a real Exciter song. The second follows in the same speed. Most of the songs are in a high tempo, but "Evil Omen" starts much slower, towards the end it goes into speed metal. The weakest track is "Crucifixion" - a slow one that is very boring. I don't know why they had to put it on this record, but fortunately I can skip it easily.

What bothers me the most, is the old fashioned sound. Exciter still sounds the same as they have done for the last 25 years. O.K. the production is better than in the 80's, but it still sounds like back in those days. I had hoped for a more up to date sound, still recognizable as being Exciter.

If you have loved Exciter for the last 30 years, you can blindly buy this album, because it is Exciter all the way. Except for the somewhat better singer no big changes and it is still sounding a little old fashioned to my opinion. Therefore not a higher rating... 

01. Massacre Mountain
02. Thrash Speed Burn
03. In Mortal Fear
04. Crucifixion
05. Demon's Gate
06. Hangman
07. IEvil Omen
08. Betrayal
09. The Punisher
10. Rot the Devil King
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Gordeon Music /Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 66/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 20th 2008
Website: www.listen.to/exciter