Style: Progressive Death Metal
Release date: March 3rd 2008

If you want Death-Metal with variation in tempo and style, you should listen to this French quintet. The band has 2 vocalists: female Kathy Coupez growls hysterical (like a sister of Chuck S.) and does the clear voices. Guitarist Igor Landorique on the other hand takes care of the real low and dark growls. With those 3 different styles of singing, makes this an interesting style of music.

Because of the variety it is difficult to put them in a corner. You hear influences of Death, Carcass, The Gathering (Always), Loudblast, Deicide and Crematory, combined with some black-metal, atmospheric and easy listening parts. In a song like "Frozen Reflect in a Broken Mirror" you can hear the variety. The song is carried on a keyboard-carpet, has a kind of whispering singing part and then evaluates in aggressive hysteric singing on high tempo thrash-riffing. To tell something about each song would, because of the many different styles, be a story with no end. In song writing though, the band can still make some progress, not every song is that strong.

The music isn't quite easy to listen to. Before you learn to appreciate it, you should play it several times. If you are narrow minded, you better take your hands off this one. However, if you like some adventure in your death-metal and want something else, something different from what you have heard lately, try it out. If you want to see them live, they are on the bill at Dokk'em Open air (Holland) on August 9th.

01. Buy Me a Smile
02. Adorning Wounds
03. Contain
04. Leering Sky
05. Frozen Reflect in a Broken Mirror
06. So III-Fated
07. Scars as Victories
08. My Worldly Goods
09. My Despair
10. Abhoth
11. In Memory of Those Halcyon Days
Label: Great Dane Records
Distribution: Great Dane Records
Artwork rating: 72/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 20th 2008
Website: www.dylath-leen.net