O3 A Trilogy - Part 3
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: April 21st 2008

The O3 (Ozone) story continues... This is the third and final chapter of Charlie Dominici's conceptual trilogy, which began in 2005 with the purely acoustic Part 1 and was followed by the good second part in 2007 where Charlie introduced electricity to the songs as well as a band.

Part three is the grand finale, and a very electrifying one it is... We are served almost an hour worth of well constructed progressive metal songs, played by some very skilful musicians. The blend of long instrumental parts, virtuoso solo passages and Charlie's haunting vocals makes this a worthy closing chapter to the story.

This one has a few extra layers compared to part two; the songs are more complete, better executed and simply a lot better overall. Everything has moved a step closer to perfection, without ever reaching that goal...

Part 3 is a sonically and musically eventful joyride, with eight very convincing progressive metal songs that finishes on a very high note with the last three songs, which really elevates this album to a level where they can compete with the best of the best. But the rest doesn't have to hide from these three songs, and I can only recommend that you give this one a serious thought...

01. King of Terror
02. March Into Hell
03. So Help Me God
04. Liquid Lightning
05. Enemies of God
06. Revelation
07. Hell on Earth
08. Genesis
Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 24th 2008