Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: October 9th 2007

When I think of Mexico my thoughts include the old and proud culture, where the Mayan and Incan tribes played an very important role, the hot and spicy food, one of the most polluted capitols in the world: Mexico City, Hugo Sanchez and soccer in general, hot and sunny beaches, decent beer and now I have to add another piece to the puzzle: Dimension.

It is not often you hear metal from these shores, and I think Dimension is the first representative in the progressive metal genre I have stumbled across from Mexico. 'Ego' is their second studio album and it turns out to be a very professional and interesting one of its kind.

They have been touring intensively, after relocating to Denver, Colorado, playing live and gaining experience and fans throughout the US, Europe and Mexico. 'Ego' shows a tight and skilful unit that is capable of creating a good symbiosis between prog and metal.

Not everything that shines is gold, and not every song is as strong as the next one... and when they take off on a 20-minutes journey in the title track I do think they are a bit too ambitious, and the excitement span quickly wears off in this song.

The production isn't flawless and I do think the keyboards are often too low and the drum sound is a bit un-even. So with those things in mind I do end up with a fine piece of progressive metal that makes me want to keep an eye on these guys.

Take a listen and judge for yourself...

01. Tree of Conscience
02. Ancient Song
03. Freedom Land
04. Broken Heart
05. Life
06. Dreams
07. The Next In Line
08. Ego
  Pt. 1 - I Am
  Pt. 2 - Myself
  Pt. 3 - The New Reason
09. Egoman
Label: Nightmare Records
Provided by: Nightmare Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 5th 2008
Website: www.dimensionshome.com