Dawn of Demise
Hate Takes Its Form
Style: Death Metal
Release date: January 28th 2008

Sometimes my family must think Iím some kind of spastic. Like last night when I was headbanging and playing that good olí and rather worn down air guitar whilst cleaning the kitchen after dinner, and at the same time listening to the killer debut from Danish death metal monsters Dawn of Demise.


Is it a coincidence that our two-year-old daughter is standing with her legs spread wide and moving the upper part of her body up and down when daddy is listening to music? I think not. That wee girl knows when things are grooving and ĎHate Takes Its Formí sure as hell spreads the groove!


Trust me, boys and girls, with this release Danish death metal begins 2008 on an extremely heavy note. And itís going to be a hard act to follow.


If you picture a Suffocation class beast with a Nevermore monkey strapped onto its back, you are more or less there. Technically adept, tight and above all throwing in a brutal groove, the boys waltz through ten concrete-solid death metal hymns with great variation of tempo and a touch of melody that mainly comes out via the Jeff Loomis inspired solos.


Dawn of Demise is fronted by Scott Jensen who has one of the fiercest voices in this country. Frankly, there isnít much variation to be found in his effort, but sod it Ė the manís voice is just about as gentle as a bulldozer and that makes up for any lack of tonal variation!


Picking out fave tracks from ĎHate Takes Its Formí is hard because the level is constantly very high. But if someone was to twist my arm, Iíd probably single out Beyond Murder, Within the Flesh and the title track (featuring a guest appearance from former HateSphere shouter Jacob Bredahl). These three tracks rear their ugly yet crushingly efficient heads above the hardboiled waters.


One to buy! Go get, lads and lassies!

01. Hate Takes Its Form
02. ...And Blood Will Flow
03. Degrading the Worthless
04. Within the Flesh
05. Intent to Kill
06. Impurity
07. Beyond Murder
08. Malice - Kill to Conform
09. Domestic Slaughter
10. Regain Your Masochist
Label: DeepSend Records
Provided by: Dawn of Demise
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: January 10th 2008
Website: www.dawnofdemise.dk