Light from the Dark
Style: Metal with Gothic and Medieval parts
Release date: February 27th 2008

Guitarist Frank Caruso (Arachnes) stands behind a new project called DARKLIGHT and for the last 14 days or so I have been listening to the debut album entitled “Light from the Dark”.

We get 12 songs of Symphonic/Neoclassical Metal, Goth and Medieval parts... all written by Frank Caruso. Frank Caruso is also taking care of all guitars, bass, male voice, keyboards and piano. Behind the beautiful female voice stands Paola Baldacci. There are a few special guests as well, namely; Matt Albarelli (Homerun), vocals on track 3 “Like a Leader”, Gabry Baroni (bass) and Luigi Thyer on rhythm guitar.


I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with this album at first listen... but after maybe 6 or 7 spins (yeah, that many) in my hard tried CD-player, the album began to open up to me. Especially Frank Caruso’s guitar playing is great. No doubt that he’s a very gifted musician... that’s for sure. He has a very good sense for a catchy melody and especially the Medieval parts on “Light From The Dark” are great but I still miss something. Not that I dislike this album but I’m not sure that most of you out there will give it the time it needs to ignite. In my opinion an album like this one needs time, no question about that, but after a while things have to click in place and that they do only partly on this release.


My favourite tracks could very well be "The Heroes" and "Enchanted Night". Two beautiful Medieval songs that lead my mind towards BLACKMORE'S NIGHT. Excellent work.

Well.... maybe I should mention the last track "Breathless" too... an almost 7 minutes long

instrumental track with top notch musicianship. Frank Caruso really shines on this track.

"Breathless " reminds me of Frank's excellent solo album "Kaleidoscope".


Well... check this album out, but do have in mind that it needs a few spins to grow.


The production was done by Frank Caruso himself is great and I do think that you should check this album out... but take a listen... or two before you buy.

01. The Beginning...
02. Come to the Hell
03. Like a Leader
04. True Essence
05. I'm the King
06. The Heroes
07. Real Life
08. Enchanted Night
09. Magic World
10. About You
11. You Are My Desire
12. Breathless
Label: Fuel Records
Distribution: Gatti Promotion
Artwork rating: 56/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 8th 2008
Website: www.frankcaruso.it