Dark Fortress
Style: Black Metal
Release date: February 25th 2008

Well I must admit that I cannot call myself a huge fan of German Black Metallers Dark Fortress and this, their brand new concept album entitled “Eidolon” won’t change that fact. Not that I totally dislike “Eidolon”, it’s a solid piece of music but nothing more, nothing less.


In its nine chapters the album describes the initiation, dehumanization and unearthly rebirth of a transcending soul by mirror magic and astral projection. An “Eidolon” is a Greek concept of an astral double of a living being or a “mirror”. The concept describes a magic mirror ritual as while a person is in a trance, the surface of the mirror is used as a gate to enter a new dimension.


Out of the 9 tracks there are 3 really great ones, namely; “Baphomet” (Featuring guest vocals by

Tom Gabriel Fischer from Celtic Frost), “Edge of Night”, and “Antiversum” the rest of the 6 tracks

are solid but not really outstanding in my humble opinion. Maybe it’s just me... I like to listen to it,

but I don’t feel like playing this CD over and over again.


Remember... there are “billions” of Black Metal bands out there and I’m sure that most of you out there will swallow “Eidolon” with great pleasure, but even after numerous listens I still feel a tad disappointed and I won’t count this release among my favourite Black Metal releases.


The production is crystal clear and powerful and maybe I’m an ignorant after all... and this is

the best Black Metal release this year so far? Check “Eidolon” out and judge for your self.

01. The Silver Gate
02. Cohorror
03. Baphomet
04. The Unflesh
05. Analepsy
06. Edge of Night
07. No Longer Human
08. Catacrusis
09. Antiversum
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 21st 2008
Website: www.thetruedarkfortress.com