Circular Logik
Style: Melodic hardrock
Release date: March 28th 2008

Circular Logik is a new AOR/hard rock band featuring vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent. Some of you are perhaps familiar with his solo albums or his other band Tragik. This debut is packed with 13 melodic AOR songs. Expect a mixture of Winger, Survivor, Van Halen and Gary Moore.

The more rock songs: "Welcome Home", "Led Wait", "Your Time has Come", "Time Killer" have nice shredding guitar solo's and some good riffs. Between these rock songs you find some easy listening balad'esque tracks; "Right Here", "You Make Me Weak" (hello Gary Moore), "Since You've Been Gone" (not the Rainbow song), "What We're Looking For" and "It's All Over" are some good examples. 

'One' is an album which you might like when you are into the bands I already mentioned and for fans of AOR in general. For heavy rock fans with a girlfriend who doesn't like it too heavy, you could try this as a good alternative.   

01. Welcome Home
02. Killing Me Inside
03. Hard to Find
04. Right Here
05. Led Wait
06. You Make Me Weak
07. Your Time Has Come
08. Since You've Been Gone
09. What We're Looking For
10. Time Killer
11. See Me Through
12. Won't Let You Go/Lost Without You
13. It's All Over
Label: Artist Service
Distribution: ArtistworXX
Artwork rating: 64/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 31th 2008