Cast In Silence
Style: Modern metal...
Release date: June 7th 2007



Musically, German Cast In Silence sound like a fusion between In Flames and Life Of Agony – groovy, catchy, driving.


What isn’t cool is the voice of the band. Michael Lowin sounds plain, flat and soulless on most of the record, and it really is a shame, because it sucks the major part of the coolness out of ‘First’.


I have to hand Cast In Silence that the two potential hit tracks The Last Straw and Misery Inn are catchy as hell and Lowin does add something to that in the choruses.


A shame that the melody he tries to bring to the other songs in places is slightly out of tune and, well, plain dull. The track Fake is particularly awful in that respect.


Besides these two tracks, the cover of the Desireless hit Voyage Voyage is quite charming and doesn’t fit Lowin’s voice too badly.


Voice training recommended – then I’ll look forward to the second album from Cast In Silence!


01. Two Minutes Hate
02. The Last Straw
03. Misery Inn
04. A Malady for Mother Earth
05. If Mourning Never Comes
06. Fake
07. The Cure
08. Voyage Voyage
09. ...where there is no darkness
10. Sanguine Eyes
11. No more to come
Label: Empty River Records
Distribution: VME
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: January 22nd 2008