Michael Bormann
Capture the Moment
Style: AOR
Release date: May 23rd 2008

This is solid craftsmanship; fourteen well executed, catchy and emotional songs, a good vocal performance, great guitar leads and overall a well rounded album, but...

It has been done a million times before, and the essence is that this will never be more than a middle of the road album that has all the ingredients AOR fans search for in an album, but the songs do not have the quality and power to raise them to the next level.

That leaves us with a solid AOR album, an album which will never go down as a classic, but it is nevertheless still worth listening to...

01. When Push Come to Shove
02. Friends for a Lifetime
03. Come Take Me Higher
04. Live Your Life
05. I Wanna Hear Your Voice
06. Half Way Down
07. I Will Hold the Line
08. Love is Magic
09. Glory and Pain
10. Don't Bother Me
11. Doing or Not
12. Still Haven't Found It
13. For Just a Little While
14. Go Going Gone
Label: AOR Heaven
Provided by: Metal Heaven
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 20th 2008
Website: www.michaelbormannpage.de