Bullet for My Valentine
Scream Aim Fire
Style: Modern Thrash Metal
Release date: January 25th 2008

If you are do judge a band on its second album following a big breakthrough with their debut album, and then I would say things look very bright for Bullet for My Valentine. 'Scream Aim Fire' is the perfect successor to 'The Poison', where the band showed what kind of potential they have. On 'Scream Aim Fire' they come out firing on all cylinders...

The album opens with the title song "Scream Aim Fire", a song that is pretty representative for the album. The song pretty much sums up what direction the band has taken on this album; straighter, faster and harder songs and there is no beating around the bush on this release. This is how modern thrash metal should sound like, and their mixture between old school thrash metal and more modern metalcore sounds is second to none.

And to help them elevate this album into the stratosphere is none other than Colin Richardson, and he has given them an excellent and crystal clear sound that fits the music perfectly. One of the best productions I've ever heard!

Turning a bit away from the Screamo/Emocore territory and more into metal territory is for me the perfect move for them, but for fans of 'The Poison' it might be a big pill to swallow. This is a big step forward for them, and the album possesses everything needed to make this one a modern metal classic.

For me bands like Bullet for My Valentine represents the future of thrash metal compared with the dinosaurs, and this album proves me right! They show that the way to the top goes thru them...

Great album!

01. Scream Aim Fire
02. Hearts Burts Into Fire
03. Waking the Demon
04. Disappear
05. Deliver Us from Evil
06. Take it Out on Me
07. Say Goodnight
08. End of Days
09. Last to Know
10. Forever and Always
Label: 20-20 Entertainment LLC
Distribution: Sony BMG
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 16th 2008
Website: www.bulletformyvalentine.com