Beyond the Void
Gloom is a Trip for two
Style: Goth metal
Release date: February 22nd 2008

Look, Iím not familiar with the previous releases from German goth metallers beyond the void, but according to the promo material, they got rave reviews for some of their output.

I can, to some extent, hear why, but, as you can see from the 70/100 rating above, my reception of ĎGloom is a Trip for twoí is lukewarm.


It does start out nicely, though. Hard and heavy entrance to the album with the track Her Dive Into Midnight. Itís metal, itís goth, itís alright.

The sound is impeccable, the music overall tightly played, but, but, the fine line between coolness and the contrived is crossed just enough by vocalist Daniel Pharos to turn me off.


Itís not as if the inspirations arenít in place: I can hear large portions of Paradise Lost (check out the title track that starts out with a typical PL intro and Hateworld in particular where Pharos does his best to do a Nick Holmes), Type O Negative (the goth pieces, naturally), Moonspell (ditto) and even Rammstein (listen to parts of the track Faminine).

The scene is from the outset set for good things, but it doesnít quite work out.


Acceptable output, but not really there.


1. Her Dive Into Midnight
2. Seductora
3. Faminine
4. Cyanid Eyes
5. Gloom is a Trip for two
6. Nihilism
7. Let Me Reap
8. Rid of the Earth
9. Hateworld
10. My Life is a Lie
11. Unwanted
12. A Minute Before Dawn

Label: Endzeit/Avasonic/Rough Trade
Provided by: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 14th 2008