Seasons of Tragedy
Style: American Power Metal
Release date: January 28th 2008

Californian Metal band Benedictum launches their second album. Their debut 'Uncreation' was already a good album. This can also be said about this one. Vocalist Veronica Freeman has not only the right charming appearance, she has got a good voice as well. She can be placed in the same rank as Leather Leone (Chastain). As guests they invited besides Craig Goldy, also George Lynch, who plays in the song "Bare Bones" and Jeff Pilson (also the producer), who plays a note in the Accept cover "Balls to the Wall".

Benedictum plays traditional and raw American power-metal in the style of Vicious Rumors, but then heavier. Howling solo's, fast drumming and powerful choruses are trademarks. Was the first record mainly in up-tempo, on this record they also dare to play more mid-tempo. This makes the record more variable and because of that more interesting. After the intro, the drums in the first song open as a machine gun. Don't turn your stereo to loud, unless you want to blow up your speakers. I find the songwriting on this record more mature  than on their debut. Listen to songs as "Bare Bones", "Nobodies Victim" and "Shell Shock" and you know what I'm talking about. Heavy raw and pounding first class metal songs.

With this record and that of Saint Deamon's so early in 2008, they both make it difficult to the competition. But now the other bands know what the standard is, so we are going to have a fantastic metal year with one highlight after the other. I bet we are going to see them on some summer-festivals in Europe. It will be crowded in the first rows to get a glimps of Veronica.

By the way: if you buy the digipack, you also become the Rainbow coversong "Catch the Rainbow".

01. Dawn of Seasons
02. Shell Shock
03. Burn it Out
04. Bare Bones
05. Within The Solace
06. Beast In the Field
07. Legacy
08. Nobodies Victim
09. Ball To the Wall
10. Steel Rain
11. Seasons of Tragedy
Label: Locomotive Records
Distribution: Target
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: January 20th 2008