Avenger Of Blood
Death Brigade
Style: 80's Thrash Metal
Release date: December 23rd 2007

My wife has always thought that with the years of my interest for metal would decline. Since last week, she finally knows that this won't happen. After hearing this CD, she thinks I have my midlife crisis already. All day I walk across the room banging my head as if it is 1985. Back then I had long hair, but now I can assure you watching me bang is a very silly sight. 

In the Bay Area back in 2003 the band was formed. In contrast with the most of the local bands (they play Bay Area Thrash), they decided to play Old - School European Thrash. Fortunately the production of  "Death Brigade" is better than on their debut "Complete Annihilation". That makes the album heavier and tighter. 

Don't expect the band to be original, because they are definitely not. If I would judge the album on that, they would become 10 points out of the 100.  Fact is, this band just wants to have fun and just wants to play what they like the most. And therefore it is a pleasure for my ears. When you mix the albums Pleasure to Kill, Endless Pain, Show no Mercy, Hell Awaits, Sentence of Death etc. with a better production, you know what to expect. Shouter Eric sounds like a mix of Mille (Kreator) and a younger Tom Araya (Slayer). Even some guitarsolo's sound the same as Slayer's solo's on "Show no Mercy". The only point of critic are the drums, they sound a little to hollow.

A negative reviewer would say: Nothing new here, I have heart this before, no originality, just a copy of Kreator, Slayer, Sodom and Destruction. Points 20/100. But I grew up with this kind of music and it brings back a lot of nice memories from when I was 17, and I give them........

Best songs: play them all!

01. Vicious Onslaught
02. Death Brigade
03. When Will You Die
04. Mortally Wounded
05. Bloodseeker
06. Poserslaughter
07. Terminate
08. Sadistic Inquisitor
09. Beneath The Curse
10. Assassins
Label: Heavy Artillery
Distribution: www.heavyartillery.us
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 3rd 2008
Website: www.avengerofblood.com