The Dawn of Enlightenment
Style: Power Metal / Heavy Metal
Release date: December 21st 2007

Armory hails from across the big pond, but their music is 100 percent European influenced - first and foremost by Helloween and Iron Maiden with loads of twin leads, fine harmonies and galloping rhythms. They do not possess a shred of originality, and even though the music is well played, the musicians are competent and the album has an acceptable sound, it really wears thin in the long run.

'The Dawn of Enlightenment' was originally released back in 2004, and even though it was well received it never managed to make a stir due to almost no promotion. This is a re-recording of the entire album with a more professional approach to things with the aim to bring more justice to the songs. They have completely reworked the vocal melodies, and the keyboards are real on this recording.

The result is a acceptable dose of powerful heavy metal with it's strong roots solidity founded in the European soil, and if you are able to look past the lack of originality you'll find a good album that should appeal to fans of the above mentioned bands as well as Edguy, HammerFall, Sonata Arctica and Gamma Ray - I think you get the picture... but next time around I hope for more originality because I do loose interest in their music half way into the album due to lack of it...

This album survives because of great musicianship, a good vocalist and the absolutely brilliant title track, which is enough for me to give the album the approved stamp!

01. The Tempest
02. Faith in Steel
03. Riding the Cosmic Winds
04. Forever Triumphant
05. Heart of Dreams
06. Warrior Forlorn
07. Forged in Dagon Flames
08. The Eyes of Time
09. Mystic Star
10. The Dawn of Enlightenment
11. Flight of Icarus
12. Dr. Wily
Label: Self released
Provided by: Armony
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 5th 2008