Runaway to the Gods

Release date: October 20th 2006
MTM Music
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo
Website: www.zenoroth.com
POMP / Melodic Hard Rock

Rating: 90/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
The Jack
September 25th 2006

Uhh, what a treat! When I first heard that Michael Bormann (ex-JADED HEART) had teamed up with ZENO I was more than eager to get my filthy hands on this album…It’s bound to be good with Bormann’s excellent vocals, I thought…And rightly so!  

The last couple of ZENO albums have all been a mix of old material (except ”Listen to the Light”) and were, in their own right, splendid.
If you dig that ”hippie” sound of Zeno Roth’s guitar and the mystical atmosphere of sun, moon, stars, earth, wind & fire, then this album will surely not disappoint! Originality of this capacity is rarely seen nowadays!  

Stylewise ZENO sounds a bit more straight on this effort. He’s still doing his trademark stuff on the old 6-string, like I mentioned above, but the overall sound picture is more straight forward with the typical post2000 ”hard” rhythm section, well-accompanied by soaring vocals (Bormann, remember?) and 80's styled guitar leads.  

This original mixture of AOR, Melodic Hard Rock, POMP and even Semi Prog. bears the potential to become a new classic in the genre!  

This album will please all fans of classic 80's AOR/MHR/Hard Rock and has already found its way to the Top 10 of 2006’s releases for me!  

Really, really good album!!