Wuthering Heights
The Shadow Cabinet

Release date: October 27th 2006
Locomotive Music
Provided by: IntroMental
Target (Denmark)
Progressive Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
September 16th 2006

Erik Ravn and his compatriots in Wuthering Heights are back with album number four entitled "The Shadow Cabinet", and once more we are served with their special blend of speed, symphonic, progressive and power metal. Where their last album "From the Madding Crowd" was a lot more melodic and less progressive than their first two albums, this one marks the return to the roots.

The foundation is as always progressive metal with adventures into various territories, and on this album they travel even further into more folk-music sounds, which I think they've incorporated great into their own sound.

This album isn't as spontaneous as their previous ones, and even though I thought from the beginning that it was a very cool album, it really took me a long time to fully capture this album and for it to sink in completely.

If you like I have been following the lonely wanderer on their first 3 albums, then you'll know that story was a trilogy that ended with their last album, and a new journey begins with "The Shadow Cabinet". And the album has everything a Wuthering Heights fan could wish for; like the very fast opener: "Demon Desire" or the symphonic speed metal piece: "Envy", or the "Apathy Divine" epic, which is divided into 2 parts and the album reaches its highlights with the 2 majestic songs: "Sleep" and "Carpe Noctem". "Sleep" is a small symphonic masterpiece, a song bands like Blind Guardian or Symphony X would be very proud of. And just listen to "Carpe Noctem" with its brilliant middle part, excellent stuff indeed!

Erik Ravn & Wuthering Heights has once more created an album filled with strong harmonies, brilliant symphonic parts, great choirs, excellent vocals from Nils Patrik Johansson and outstanding guitar work from Erik Ravn and Martin Arendal, which results in some excellent twin and single leads, great riffing and harmonies.

The album has for most parts been recorded in Tommy Hansen's Jailhouse Studio in Horsens under the guidance from the master himself, he has off course also mixed the album. The combination of Tommy and Erik has once more worked to perfection, and this album has been fitted with another brilliant Tommy Hansen sound.

Once more it's hard not to be impressed with this piece of metal from Wuthering Heights, but the same can be said about their 3 previous albums, and hopefully this time around more people will agree with me and notice this band...