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Words Of Farewell are the German answer to the Scandinavian melodic progressive death metal bands. Scar Symmetry, Dark Tranquility, Mors Principium Est are examples and you can finish the list yourself. Predecessor and second album ‘The Black Wild Yonder’ already was a very good album and I gave them 75 points back then. The music on that album was influenced by Scar Symmetry a lot and still there are references, but less. A big difference with Scar Symmetry is that there are hardly clean vocals, only grunts and growls. The band also has more keyboards and creates a kind of ambient sound. It would be easy for the band to also introduce clean singing, but it also takes balls not to.  The only problem I have with the singing of Alexander Otto is that there is not enough variety.

The music however has developed further and sounds more open. A bit less heavy than on their second album, but opener and with more progressive influences. More variety, more melody and more use of interesting keyboard parts. Take for example “Zero Temperance”, with very modern almost poppy sounding keys. Speaking of variety, what to think of the next track “Momentary Life”, starting with great riffs the song calms down halfway into a nice progressive piece.

Progressive is a word I could use a lot more. The first tunes of this album could also have been the start of a new Pagan’s Mind or Dream Theater record. I’m sure every progressive metal fan will like the tempo changes in “Oversoul” and the solos executed with precision in each song. I think that Words Of Farewell found a perfect musical mix of Scar Symmetry, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Mors Principium Est and Insomnium but with more keys and a spacier sound. They are able to write strong songs with a nice mix of progressive pieces, catchy melodies and heavy riffs without becoming a clone of any of them.


01. My Share of Loneliness
02. Gaia Demise
03. Gallows Frame
04. Limit Cycle
05. Zero Temperance
06. Momentary Life
07. Oversoul
08. The Farthest Reach
09. This Shadow My Likeness


Playing time: 51:15

Release date: 18 November 2016

Label: AFM Records

Website: www.facebook.com/wordsoffarewell

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