Wisdom – Rise of the Wise

My first impression of Wisdom’s “Rise of the Wise” was that of a highly skilled Old School Power Metal band. Clear vocals, melody, guitar riffs and solos, basically everything what one would expect from a melodic Power Metal band, the epical element included. But what is the epical element worth without energy? Fortunately Wisdom was able to infuse their latest album with more than enough energy to make any Power Metal fan happy. It starts with the intro’s uplifting drumbeat which is followed by a song with the title “Ravens’ Night” which is pretty representative for the album. A strong melody, fast guitar riffs and solos, a driving drum beat, basically everything that a Power Metal can ask for as it appeals both to the ears and to the listener’s imagination. If Power Metal is your kind of Metal, then this song will definitely make you feel alive.

This energy that makes you both dream and feel alive continues throughout the album and is what makes it so strong. Yes, Wisdom is obviously also very skilled in a technical sense, but the album is still about feelings, about energy, both for the band and the listener and not about the band showing off their technical skills. This is not to say that technical skills cannot be enjoyed just for the sake of it, but it would be a different kind of Metal. Wisdom still shows a lot of technical prowess on “Rise of the Wise”, but it is not cold technical prowess, it is the kind of prowess that is born out of fun and joy, the kind of prowess that is mostly about touching your soul. And yes, that is exactly what Wisdom’s “Rise of the Wise” does. It touches you deep down inside. You still need to be a fan of this kind of music of course, but when you are then this album is definitely for you. Nine devils!

Track list:

  1. Over The Wall
  2. Ravens’ Night
  3. My Heart Is Alive
  4. Hunting The Night
  5. Hero
  6. Through The Fire
  7. Nightmare Of The Seas
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Secret Life
  10. Welcome To My Story
  11. Rise Of The Wise

Playing time: 42:16

Release date: 26 February 2016

Label: Noiseart Records

Website: Wisdom (Facebook)

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