Wings Of Destiny – Time

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Well, this is a fairly typical power metal album from six Costa Rican metalheads calling themselves Wings Of Destiny. It is quite formulaic. All of the lyrics are about mythology or angels. Ok, it’s power metal after all.

There’s nothing that stands out particularly about this album. They are very tight, the riffs are not that memorable though. They do have an interesting cover of Helloweens ‘I want out’ that thankfully is not a carbon copy.

The lead parts are very well orchestrated – the timing and phrasing of the album is superb but they need to concentrate more on riff creativity. However, the thing they need to do most of all is turn the bass up. It’s pretty low. It is very difficult to hear.

I don’t know if the final song, a power ballad ‘Nothing Last Forever’ is an intentional spelling mistake. The song makes a very good point of showing off the vocals and also some very intricate piano work though it is very easy to tell that the orchestral strings are synthesized and not actual violins.

The musical ability of the band is very high in terms of technical skill though only moderate to good in terms of originality, and they could do with a better producer too so that the bass is up a bit more.

A long drawn out introduction to ‘Into Black Horizon’ highlights some language barriers but that’s of little point to be critical of.

All in all, a decent debut though they have room for improvement.

Track List

01. Wings Of Destiny
02. Fallen Angel
03. Time
04. I Saw An Angel Cry
05. From Shadows To The Light (Feat. Marco Castro)
06. Forgive But Not Forget
07. Into Black Horizon
08. I Want Out (Helloween Cover)
09. Nothing Last Forever
10. Fallen Angel (Feat. Roberto Tiranti, Bonus)

Playing Time: 53:24

Release Date 24/7/15

Label: Power Prog

Website: Wings Of Destiny Facebook page

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