Release date: October 20th 2006
Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo
Hard Rock / Melodic Rock

Rating: 69/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
The Jack
October 2nd 2006

WINGER is back! Or should I say, KIP WINGER is back??  

To start where it hurts, this album sounds like a Kip Winger solo album like the other ones he’s released over the years … There’s really no trace of that original kind of ”Hair Rock” that WINGER stood for on their now classic two first efforts…  

Reb Beach (6-string maestro!) and Rod Morgenstein are still present in the line-up but still, it doesn’t really bring back the ol’ sound…You really get the impression that Kip is THE mainman in this band… That’s not necessarily a bad thing because he is, however, a brilliant songwriter with enough charisma to impress every schoolgirl (just like in the ol’ days!) -:) - But it’s not an album that’ll ever set MTV alight again like back in the day…  

Their sound is a bit more complex and almost progressive at times…. Every now and then there’s a hint to REAL Hard Rock but for the most part it sounds like a typical modern Hard Rock release.  

The songwriting and particularly the production is flawless and like I hinted at above, this belongs in the top echelon of new releases…. However, do not expect any trip down memory lane here… Where’s the spinechilling ”Miles Away” ballad or the melo-rocker ala ”Easy Come Easy Go”, let alone the Glam-theme of ”Seventeen”?? Well, not on this album, that’s for sure!  

If you put this album in your stereo, crank the ol’ f****r and forget about the band name, then this is a really fine slap of modern, innovative Melodic Rock!  Closer to ”Pull” soundwise if I absolutely have to compare this release to the other pearls from WINGER’s back catalogue!  

Well done!