White Willow
Signal to Noise

Release date: August 22nd 2006
The Laser's Edge
Provided by: Intromental Management
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Progressive Rock

Rating: 45/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
July 31st 2006

Mastermind and bandleader behind White Willow - Jacob Holm-Lupo is a guy who isn't afraid to follow his heart and explore new territories with each release, but and it's a big but this album appeals to very, very few metal fans... if any at all...

If you like me enjoyed The Gathering's 'Home' album earlier this year or if you have a soft spot for singer/songwriters like Kate Bush, Bjork or Tori Amos, then you might find some memorable spots on this album.

A few interesting songs have found their way to this brilliantly produced album - done by Tommy Hansen in his famous Jailhouse Studio in Horsens, but for most parts this drift into boring soundscapes, that sometimes reminds me a bit of Mezzoforte (and that's not a compliment!).

This album features the stunning new vocalist Trude Eidtang, who like her predecessor Sylvia Erichsen possesses an outstanding voice, but her style is more in the singer/songwriter area... so we end up with a quite boring collection of songs, that most metal fans most likely will hate, but do take a listen if you like any of the artists mentioned above!

Recommended tracks: "Splinters", "Joyride" & "The Dark Road".