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As I write this, I’m in a gym where one of my three daughters is running around like a mad person in a chaotic ball game with 30 other people of different ages. Three balls in action, and it’s basically about shooting as many of the others as possible. They are screaming and laughing and falling all over, all around me.

But, me, I’m the eye of the storm.

I’m the centre of calm in this big room.

I can hardly hear their noise, because I’ve put on my headphones and my ears are filled with nothing but the soothing, dark acoustic folk music of one Norwegian guy called Erik E. His solo project is called Weh, and it’s not the first time Erik has pleased my ears with his take on folk music.

Both ’En Natt Kom Doed’ (2012) and ‘Folkloren’ (2013) were excellent releases and they offered a uniquely Scandinavian version of (mostly) acoustic folk music. Metal? No, not really, but the music of Erik E. has that darkness that for me creates a metal mood.
Compared to the two previous releases, ‘Ingenmannsland’ offers very, very little new, and that would probably be my only concern right now: Where is Erik E. going to take this from here on?
Anyhow, that doesn’t take away the fact that this is the perfect album to kick off your shoes and lean back in your best chair to – without being Enya. I can tell you, I’m completely Zen here in the middle of the chaos of people in the gym.


01. Intethet
02. The Second Sight
03. Old Stars of the North
04. The Oath
05. Der Lå Et Hav Av Ild
06. Night After Day After Night
07. Ingenmannsland
08. The Great War
Playing time: 36 minutes

Release date: 4th of December, 2015

Label: Soulseller Records

Website: Weh @ Facebook

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