Wedingoth – Alone In The Crowd

It’s not as if there is not talent to detect in the band Wedingoth from France. Singer Maud has a lovely female rock and goth voice. Drummer Cyril clearly is an ambitious fellow – to the extent that it at times feels as if he’s all over the place. Perhaps that’s down to the mix of this the band’s third album, could very well be. Guitars, bass and synth are also well-coordinated. To put it brief, these people sound like skilled musicians.

‘Then why only three devils, Thomas?’ you exclaim. Well, I basically think this combination of goth cliches and prog ditto is horrible. I’m not a fan of prog (other than Rush and Queenrÿche if you can even call that prog). Other than the song Evolat, which reminds me a lot of Lacuna Coil, and the amazing intro to the last song of the album, I’m really don’t like the songs on ‘Alone In The Crowd’. Most of them just slightly annoying, some disturbingly proggy, I just can’t get there.

If you like prog with a female voice, I’d suggest you check out Wedingoth. I’ll just quickly move on to something that’s more me…

01. ….—…
02. Alone In The Crowd Part I
03. When The World Collapses
04. The Painter
05. Evolat
06. Sing The Pain
07. Beyond Their Lies
08. Alone In The Crowd Part II

Playing time: 57 minutes

Release date: October 2016

Label/promotion: Dooweet Agency


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