The Astral Factor

Release date: January 20th 2006
Lion Music
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Lion Music
Progressive Rock

Rating: 48/100
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Peter Laursen
January 26th 2006

Waterclime is a new project led by Vintersorg main man “Mr V” (Andreas Hedlund).  

Line Up
Mr V – All instrumentation and vocals. Matthias Marklund – lead guitar on 'The Astral Factor' and 'Painting Without Colour'. 
Magnus Lindgren - Guests on 'Mountains'.  

The music here on “The Astral Factor” is Progressive Rock and Waterclime reminds me of bands like early YES and a softer and more progressive version of URIAH HEEP.

First of all… I don’t think this album is a piece of crap, but it isn’t a great one either. Even after numerous listens I still find this release… somehow boring. A few of the songs are ok but I find most of the compositions very un entertaining. The production is alright but I miss some power and dynamic in the songs. No matter how well you can play, if the songs aren’t memorable, you've lost.

My advice to all fans of heavy guitars had better leave this album alone, and to all Progressive fans I have this advice; -Give it a listen, maybe you can find something that can satisfy your hunger for Progressive Rock music.

So; in my opinion, this album is only suitable for background music and nothing more… but remember… this is only MY opinion.