Watch Out Stampede – Tides

Watch Out Stampede - Tides

There are days where I feel more modern than others. Today, I’m fairly modern, and therefore I can appreciate what Germany’s post-hardcore troupé Watch Out Stampede do on their new album, ‘Tides’ – also if the eldest of my three daughters probably appreciates this more than I do when she has one of her rock/metal days.

The thing is, when I listen to music from this subgenre of metal (well, basically goes for anything I listen to), I search my mind for historical references, i.e. the ‘what do I hear in this?’ question. And what do I hear here?

The good thing is that the young folk in Watch Out Stampede bring together elements of tons of things I recognise from the past: Some Green Day, some System Of A Down, some nu-metal, some Slipknot (I know that some like to label the horror clowns nu-metal, but I never really bought into that interpretation), some metalcore and some of the emo-core that emerged approximately a decade ago. I wouldn’t say that any of this normally constitutes my favourite cocktail of music, but I have to acknowledge that Watch Out Stampede are on to something that holds buckets of energy and at the same time sounds good.

The Germans have a lot of focus on keeping the ball rolling, and the main reason that this doesn’t get boring is that there is a well-balanced interplay between the two singers, Andreas and Dennis. The latter provides a fine clean vocal (as well as playing guitar), whereas the former is the aggressive shouter. The addition of the instrumental tune Interlude halfway into the album is a nice touch, and provides the break that prepares you for the last four intense songs (minus the piano intro to Chances).

Does this album cater for a younger audience? Yes, it certainly does.
Would many metal fans consider this a pop album with metal elements added? Probably.

But that doesn’t mean that ‘Tides’ isn’t a well-composed effort with a lot of energy. Fine piece, this one.

1. 50 50
2. Vultures
3. Scheme
4. Tides
5. No confidence
6. Until we drown
7. Interlude
8. Twenty drinks
9. Ironhide
10. Chances
11. Misunderstanding

Playing time: 32 minutes

Label: Noizgate Records

Website: WOS @facebook

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