Born Again

Release date: March 31st 2006
Label: MTM Music
Zink / Bonnier Amigo
Hard Rock

Rating: 62/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 25th 2006

Former multi-million selling act, which has brought us hits like: "Cherrie Pie", "Heaven", "Sometimes She Cries", "I Saw Red" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin". All of them received massive airplay on MTV and made Warrant one of the most popular and successful hard rock band's in the late 80's and early 90's. Then the grunge wave hit us and bands like Warrant disappeared from the screen.

Now they are back, ready to carry the torch forward - staying faithful with the formula that once worked. Only small adjustments have been made - original vocalist Jani Lane has been replaced with Jaime St. James (Ex-Black 'n' Blue), while the core of the once so successful band is still: Joey Allen (Lead guitars), Erik Turner (Rhythm guitars), Jerry Dixon (Bass) and Steven Sweet (Drums).

With well know producer Pat Regan at the helm, they have created an album in the tradition of "Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich" and "Cherrie Pie", brought into the new millennium with ease...

Has time passed them by? Sure, but they are sticking to their guns, playing the style of music they love! Will it be as successful as before? No not very likely, but who cares, what counts is the music!

If you have a soft spot for the hard rock bands from the US from that era, then I am sure you'll dig this one as well...