Vision Divine
The Perfect Machine

Release date: November 7th 2005
Label: Scarlet Records
Distributed by:
Target (Denmark)

Power Metal

Rating: 97/100
Reviewed by: Tye Brown (Guest writer)
Date: January
27th 2006

WOW, what a nice surprise this little gem is. What we have here is the 4th album by one of Italy’s finest bands. This is Michele Luppi’s second album with the band and boy does he shine.

In this age of concept albums this is another one, but one of the best! A complex & deep concept story. A scientist officially announces the final discovery, the secret of the whole mapping for human DNA and molecular regeneration. This is the final step to the most unbelievable human desire….. But I won’t spoil it for you.

Musically I hear some Threshold and Balance of Power coming through. It is good to see that they have replaced the Rhapsody sound. There’s a bit of everything on "The Perfect Machine". A lot of keyboards dueling with guitars, some slow arrangements in the middle of songs that fit perfectly. Some very cool fast & heavy in your face songs ("God Is Dead").

A great album you should buy to add to your collection without doubt. And a smashing production by none other then Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius). The Japan edition will feature a fantastic cover of the classic Queensryche song "The Needle Lies".

Fav songs: All of them